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Christine Burke, FGG

The One Thing That Leads To Successful Genetic Genealogy Investigations

1. It's Not Just One Thing

Because each case is different.

Sometimes it’s that “the devil is in the details” as I like to tell my students, and it all falls on the genealogy.


Christine Burke, FGG

Why Genetic Genealogy Wins With A Knockout

While it's true that CODIS is also a crimefighter, it's in a different weight class. Why is that?

Well, for one, CODIS uses a smaller portion of DNA and if we're using analogies, you might consider it a Welterweight. Still a fighter, but it has a limited frame, AND most importantly, it requires


Christine Burke, FGG

How Y DNA Helps Genetic Genealogy

We are feeling like this today...."Y" do you ask? Because, TA DA, we found a living match to the upline Y we were looking for. What the heck am I talking about? We have been working really hard on a difficult UHR case. And the haplogroups can make it much easier.



Learn How To Start Using Genetic Genealogy Today

Our digital guide provides easy to understand information including:

  • What Genetic Genealogy Is

  • The Genetic Genealogy Investigative Process

  • Case Evaluation For FGG/FIGG Or Other DNA Alternatives

  • Choosing The Right Vendor

  • Conducting A Great Investigation