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Live Virtual online classes for medical examiners & Coroners

Our LIVE virtual class held for two (2) hours, twice weekly, over four (4) weeks for a total of sixteen (16) classroom hours.  Course details below.

September 2024

September 6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, 27, 30 - 2024:- 10:00 to 12 Pacific Time

These training sessions involve actionable real-world practical exercises that include approximately 8 hours of homework each week outside of class.

Please be prepared to be on camera, in the Zoom session, for attendance purposes, and have the time outside of work to devote to these exercises to achieve the desired result.

You will also need the Ancestry.com software subscription at the mid-level in order to successfully pass the course. Many times they do offer a two-week trial.



Harness Genetic Genealogy to Solve Unidentified Human Remains Cases Efficiently

Harness Genetic Genealogy to Solve Unidentified Human Remains Cases Efficiently

Are you a medical examiner or coroner struggling to identify human remains?

Embrace the innovative power of genetic genealogy through our detailed virtual course tailored for professionals in the field. Participate to accelerate the identification process, manage backlogs, and provide closure for families.

Why Take Our Genetic Genealogy Course?

  1. Efficient Backlog Reduction:Master advanced techniques to streamline your backlog and optimize resource allocation.

  2. Cost-Efficient Methods:Learn how implementing genetic genealogy can lead to significant long-term cost savings by reducing time and resources spent on unresolved cases.

  3. Integrate with Traditional Methods:Explore how genetic genealogy enhances traditional identification methods like fingerprinting, dental records, and DNA profiling.

  4. Address Complex Cases:Benefit from case studies showcasing the successful resolution of intricate cases using genetic genealogy.

  5. Reduce Pressure:Deliver quicker results, reducing pressure from the public and families awaiting answers.

  6. Ethical and Legal Insights:Receive comprehensive training on the ethical and legal aspects of using genetic genealogy to ensure responsible and compliant practice.

  7. Access to Latest Tools:Gain practical experience with the latest genetic analysis tools and software designed for your needs.

  8. Develop Skills and Expertise:Equip your team with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively utilize genetic genealogy in daily operations.

  9. Data Integration and Cooperation:Learn strategies for integrating genetic data and enhancing collaboration across agencies.

  10. Navigate Regulations:Get expert guidance on understanding and complying with relevant legal and regulatory frameworks.

Course Modules:

  1. Basics of Genetic Genealogy

  2. Advanced Identification Techniques

  3. Practical Case Studies

  4. Ethical and Legal Training

  5. Genetic Analysis Tools and Technology

  6. Data Integration and Agency Collaboration

  7. Regulatory Compliance

  8. Skills and Expertise Enhancement

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