Why genetic genealogy wins by a knockout

Christine Burke, FGG

While it's true that CODIS is also a crimefighter, it's in a different weight class.
Why is that?
Well, for one, CODIS uses a smaller portion of DNA and if we're using analogies, you might consider it a Welterweight. Still a fighter, but it has a limited frame, AND most importantly, it requires a one-to-one, or very close familial match for the win.
Our Genetic Genealogy fighter steps into the ring at two other weight classes, let's say Light Heavyweight and Super Heavy weight. This is because GG has more DNA to fight with, maybe a micro-array or Whole Geneome Sequencing (WGS). That gives our GG guy many different options when it comes to technique and by that I mean relatives.
Genetic Genealogy, unlike CODIS, uses biological relatives to direct you to the match, rather than having to be a direct hit.
Genetic Genealogy allows us to literally, piece together snippets of DNA sent down through ancestors, and make the match from what those relatives tell us.
Which one is your guy? Well, we never back down from the good fight do we?
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