How Y DNA Helps In Genetic Genealogy

Christine Burke, FGG

We are feeling like this today...."Y" do you ask?
Because, TA DA, we found a living match to the upline Y we were looking for.
What the heck am I talking about? We have been working really hard on a difficult UHR case. And the haplogroups can make it much easier.
We asked for it and got it. We researched it and found a downline match who has been hard to trace but OMG, a miracle appeared in a tree while searching on another case

There it was, right in computer color, the downline person AND HIS WHOLE TREE.


You never know where that ONE key to solve the case will come from, but it eventually does.

Just keep working the leads.

If you are still confused, we can help with that, as we teach "Y" this is important and how it can benefit your investigations in our LE and Civilian classes.

Yeah, buddy. HappY DaY!