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We understand your job and we want results for you the best way possible.

Genetic genealogy investigations require 3 things:

1) The genome (SNP DNA output), 2) Expert Forensic Matching Services, and 3) A prosecutable, defensible case.

Here's how we help you get there...

Competent, Cost-Effective Labs

Lab Services

We source STR and SNP testing every day. Let our LE trained experts review your case and source the BEST lab, with the BEST budget for you, for the BEST results.

Expert Investigations

Forensic Matching

We apply the latest fundamentals of genetic genealogy along with investigative standards to find  your people fast. We also provide an expert report that can pass muster.

Prosecutable, Defensible Cases

Case Management

Working investigations since 1986, we know how to put together probable cause, and present it. We are familiar with all aspects of the criminal justice system.


genetic genealogy services

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What’s included

Case consultation to determine investigative direction, be it genetic genealogy or other.


Lab Sourcing

We will source the most cost-efficient, competent lab for you. Sourcing is complimentary when we provide contracted forensic matching services.



We provide genetic genealogy matching services (the relative investigation) from start to finish AND you don't pay until we get you a LEAD.


Case Management Package Complete

Includes initial consult, FREE, investigative review $297, lab sourcing $297, forensic matching services, $3,000+, and expert report services $997.*  ($4591 value)


*Does not include lab services fee which is borne by the contracting agency