learn to complete your own

genetic genealogy investigations

When you learn to do genetic genealogy yourself you no longer have to rely on expensive, problematic outsourcing.

Our training puts the investigations back where they belong, in the hands of the investigators.

I help you learn more to do more and have complete and defensible cases.

June 2024 Virtual

This is our live, VIRTUAL Certificate course, held for two (2) hours, twice weekly, over 4 weeks for a total of 16 classroom hours. This course is held over Zoom and is a LE only course.

June 3, 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28 - 10:00 to 12 Pacific Time


Other Dates Coming Soon!

here's what our

students say

Detective, Sheriff's Office
"Knowledgeable instructors. Great course."
Detective, Sheriff's Office
"I think this is a great investigative tool for law enforcement. Definitely a full time endeavor."
Detective, Police Department
"Great job by the trainers."
Captain, Police Department
"The class was great and I can see how it could be a valuable resource."
Agent, Federal Law Enforcement
"I learned a LOT during your classes and definitely see the advantage in using genetic genealogy websites to locate suspects."
Director, Federal Law Enforcement Academy
"This is a terrific course."
Civilian District Attorney Investigator
"...this was a very helpful training especially for those of us just getting our feet wet."
Detective, Local Law Enforcement
"...it is amazing t he links that it can make with people."
Civilian Law Enforcement Investigator
"(The best thing about our training) Learning a different method of tree building and research."
Detective, State Agency
"The schedule worked very well for me and the condensed time period was very helpful."
Detective, State Agency
"(How has it made your life easier) The ability to be able to make trees and go through data quickly and efficiently. It has helped with subpoena information in other cases as well."
Detective, Local Law Enforcement
"...it is amazing t he links that it can make with people."
Detective, State Agency
"I would recommend the class as the exercises were very in depth and made you think."
Investigator, Sheriff's Office
"(Why was this a good fit) I would not have been able to travel somewhere to attend the course. Christine is very approachable and helped us even outside of class hours."
Investigator, Sheriff's Office
"Now I feel confident to assist my department in investigative genetic genealogy."
Detective, State Agency
"This was my first experience with genealogy and while it is a lot at first, at the end everything becomes clear."